About Dennis Phipps

Dennis Phipps

Dennis Phipps ( a behind the scenes leader ) is all about designing, instilling and maintaining nimble processes, so organizations and celebrities can thrive.
As a production coordination expert (ie producer), Mr. Phipps has assisted entertainment and non-entertainment companies be prepared for the realities of a turbulent and fast shifting media landscape.

1 – Known to some as D, (or DP ).  His passion for building dynamic teams is one of the main ingredients making him a unique breed of TV / Digital media writer, director and producer.Dennis K Phipps
2 – His vertically integrated experience inside organizations and brands, including some fortunate relationships with innovators and captains of industry, is the second attribute making him different.  As he puts it in an analogy “ I feel very lucky I had the opportunities to have John Glenn types in my life from a variety of industries.  And, the icing on the cake.  I also got to learn from the ground crews who got him home safely”
3 – Mr. Phipps purposefully became a different kind of producer by design.  The kind of producer / project manager who conditioned himself rigorously to be able to pivot during times of change – if needed.  For him, it has always been important to facilitate the delivery of key story content across a multi-platform universe, (i.e. streaming digital media + music, social + mobile interactive)   He figured it out because it used to be called simulcasting back in the analog days!
4 – From board room strategy sessions to late night edit room curating, DKP works relentlessly to help conglomerates and start-ups in five ways. 1) avoid catastrophes, 2) mitigate inevitable mistakes that arise, 3) achieve above-average results by deploying a gold standard of excellence, 4) Use sound decision making with best practices in management methodology, and 5) be a creative force while thinking both inside and outside the box.  These five elements allow a core structure to be kept in tact while generating new revenue streams – and ultimately a ROI.
Dennis Phipps

5 – He remains objective as a multi-industry businessman, investor and creative force.  An advanced planning problem-solver who strives to foster growth inside entertainment and non-entertainment organizations – so they can thrive in a complex world.

6 –  What makes his story unique.  Moving pictures were a natural extension of music, painting and then photography – where he developed film in a an actual dark room / lab – which he started doing in 7th grade.
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