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WHY HIRE A CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER ? »  Lots of reasons.  Social media trolls might be trying to hurt your brand, and proactive steps need to be taken.  Maybe your marketing, I.T. and social media departments might be overwhelmed  or simply out of step with one another.  We help close those gaps with internal communications to build a unified force.  And, since the business of media and media business have been our core focus for years, we have grown accustomed to change being the only real constant in the digital landscape.  Important too, the world has gotten pretty messy and confusing for your customers with the compounding growth of media outlets – often spreading like wildfire.  We are not afraid of complicated, and simultaneous project management is also common place for us.

Business Advisement
WHERE TO START THE CONVERSATION ? » Start with simple concerns. Everything you tell us remains confidential, and we are happy to sign NDA’s.  Second, if you feel or see that your brand is not living up to its potential, let us know where the vision for your brand if falling short with the current realities.  Third, sometimes gaps in quality occur across the various platforms making up the ecosystems of your brand – because coordination of it all is just plain tougher than ever.  Let us know what challenges you want us to tackle for you.

Needs Assessment
WHAT TYPES OF MEDIA CAN WE HELP MANAGE ? » All types of visual and auditory media ( digital film + video + music in particular ) are part of our history and experience.  We have even curated piles of photographs, and shaped them into stories for annual shareholder meetings, documentaries, show opens for TV Series, Features Film montages, and more.  What this means is; if your brand wants to venture into a new platform they have not tried yet,  we can likely help make the process go smother – since we have already cut our teeth on bleeding edge delivery systems.

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