The Dkp Difference

Valuable Experience:

From set and storyboard ideas scribbled on a napkin to leading board room business development strategy – we have experience overcoming adversity with;

1) Grueling workflows and deadlines,
2) Analog, Digital, wireless and AI technologies,
3) Mergers & Acquisition organizational changes,
4) Producing Televised  Events linked to 12 + countries,
5) Team Building problems and staff migration,
6) Delivering Media across multiple channels.

Standards of Excellence:

a) Tenured Leadership ~ about Dennis Phipps
b) Our Approach ~ proven processes that work
c) A Network of Resources ~ selecting top shelf expertise
d) Celebrity Support ~ proactive solutions for stress reduction
e) Team Building Know-How ~ roadmaps for incremental growth
f)  Diversity & Inclusion ~ we share with clients the best practices learned from working in more than one industry, as well as different size organizations.

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