dkphglogo recruits, assembles and manages special project(s) teams customized around the growth objectives of your brand.   We collaborate at all phases of business development to make sure our work integrates into your operations.  This means you will get a nimble team that can course correct as external conditions inevitably change.

” Sophisticated Investors, staff and customers quite often throw support into innovative teams first – sometimes even before the actual products and services have matured.  Why?  Because these items (products  & services) can be adjusted + re-positioned for success with the right people in the mix.  This is why I go out of my way to find the right people for the task(s) of helping clients thrive. “

Dennis k. Phipps
Special Projects Lead
Experience: Over the last 35 + years,  good fortune has allowed DKP to be recruited onto high-performance functional teams and some horrifically dis-functional ones.  As a result, a ton has been learned about universal truths which go into building solid teams. Your organization and its brand(s) can benefit from such experience.
Exposure: DKP  { privately and one on one } has been blessed to work with and around some CEOs, unicorn companies, mavericks, and captains of industry – including some people who have founded small companies that transformed into major brands + franchises.
Collaboration: Part of the job of team leader is to make the diversity of attitudes blend in a cohesive way that just works – even if a bit counter-intuitive on the surface.  This is no small challenge, but one that is embraced every day.  Why?  Because! the elephant in the room, with individual team members, is often they have different frameworks of what teamwork means to them.

  • Military Style: Chain of command system based on service record
  • Peer to Peer: Stay in your lane approach because all of us are equally qualified
  • Hierarchical: Autocratic top down decision making no matter what qualifications exit
Leadership:  Another part of the job, as the Chief Content Officer for any organization, is to be a better leader by forging goals and benchmarks that team members can get behind – regardless of their collaboration preference, comfort zones, and work habits.   By focusing on being a fluid leader, all the moving parts of a dynamic team work in tandem with one another.  It also means we get to harnesses hidden talents, so above-average results are achieved.
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